Gorillas Get iPad: April Fools Day Pranks

As its April Fool’s Day many websites and newspaper publications are running various pranks and jokes on the unsuspecting public. We have already told you of some applications and gadgets which can aide you in playing pranks on your friends. A national newspaper has a great article with some gorilla’s using Apple iPads.

Brian Flynn from The Sun has run a brilliant article with pictures of gorilla’s seemly playing with iPad’s. The story goes that scientists are looking at ways to keep them alert and happy in zoos, and says they quickly learned how to turn the devices on and off.

It also claims that since the iPads were given to the primates at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park three weeks ago, not a single unit has been damaged. The head keeper is quoted by saying that they thought the gorilla’s “would bang them on rocks”.

Use the link above to view the pictures of the gorillas holding the iPads.



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