Gmail Motion Beta: Human Computer Interaction

Last year we saw the launch of the Microsoft Kinect and the Sony PlayStation Move, as technology further evolves. Computers have been around for years, and the keyboard and mouse have slowly changed during that period. But today we can give you some news of a major technological breakthrough from Google.

They have just released a Beta of Gmail Motion which lets users control their Gmail accounts with their body. It works by using the built-in webcam of your computer with Google’s patented Spatial tracking technology, which detects your movements and turns them into meaningful characters and commands. You can see a video of it in action below.

It has been designed to work with people of all skill levels, and Google even has a user guide which can be printed off. Using this guide you will be responding to emails using body motions in no time. Gmail Motion is safe but also a good form of exercise, but some precautions need to be followed.

You must make sure you have a clear area around you, and take breaks every half-hour or so. And after each Gmail Motion session spend time stretching and warming down. Oh and by the way Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! And well done to everyone at Google for coming up with this great prank, how they kept straight faces in the video is great.



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