Windows 8, BSOD will be replaced by Black Screen

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2011

There have been various stories circulating about the next Microsoft Windows Operating System project, Techtree posted an article showing new screenshots have been discovered which tell us more about the early stages of a new OS from Microsoft, aptly named Windows 8.

The new screenshots reveal small details about the look and typography in the developing system and we can see that what used to be known as the Blue screen of death aka BSOD, BSOD’s occur when a your Windows PC crashes, however there will not be any in Windows 8, instead they will be black screens of death. That’s solved the problem!

Obviously this is not massive news, however it is nice to see that Microsoft have been working on Windows 8, there will still technically be BSoSs, however we doubt that they will be as alarming as a black background color is far less alarming than a bright blue one, what do you think?

Techtree say that it is possible that Windows 8 milestone 2 could possibly get leaked this weekend as the phase becomes complete and milestone 3 begins progress. All we know is that for now, there is still a death screen that may be appearing on future versions of Windows.

We have embedded the first Windows Black Screen of Death we have ever seen below, let’s hope we don’t see any more!

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  • windows

    there is an windows 8 Milstone 1 Build 8750 leaked… but there it is still the old bleu screen…

  • franki

    The second time, it was because it was overheating due to a very dirty cpu and causing it to error, after a good cleaning, problem solved.
    Come to think of it,,,, this may just be a good thing. We have the worst time with computers soooooo,,, Soooooooooo, Soooooooooooooooo Looooooooong Bsod's,,, Heeeeeeeeloooooooo Bsod's.

  • Franki

    Ok, so no more bsod's,,, confused about this new concept. I mean I'm not sure if this will, or how it will change anything. I mean it's still a bsod, or bksod, but how will we know what the error was if we don't have those antigrams that we can look up. But personally I'm interested but not excited since we won't have Windows 8. Windows 7 is really pricy so much so that we stuck with xp.
    Even if we do upgrade to it, we won't be the first ones in line at Bestbuy when it hits the shelves, we like to hear how it performs over a period, before we buy the newest version of Windows.
    We were having those bsod's a couple of different times, the first time it was a driver from our graphics card that had stayed in after a newer driver was installed and it was wreaking havoc. That took a few months to finally find the answer.