Top Gear Sued by Tesla Motors: Do they go too far?

There is no denying how much fun BBC’s Top gear program is, and although informative there are times when they anger others. It is no secret that the show has had it’s fair share of issues when it comes to legal issue, so the news that Top Gear is sued by Tesla Motors over the Roadster comes as no surprise.

The carmaker has cited “malicious falsehood” over an episode of the show that was aired over two years ago. The reason was because when Jeremy Clarkson test-drove the Roadster he showed that it had run out of charge before the test was complete. Tesla had tried to contact the BBC about this, but according to the carmaker all attempts failed.

We do not want to offer any opinion on this issue, as it is now a matter for the courts, but it seems that salt is being added into the wounds all the time for Tesla, as people can see re-runs of the Roadster on Top gear, as well as videos on YouTube. The Tesla Roadster is said to be one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the road.

We have to wonder who will be taking aim at Top Gear next, this is not the first and will not be the last? We are huge fans of the show, but we will refrain from our opinion on this matter for obvious reasons.

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