Streets of Rage 2: PS3 Release Date – Will you buy Mega Drive Classics?

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2011

This seems to have slipped off the radar slightly, but how many you knew that Streets Of Rage 2 was coming to the PS3? The game will be coming as part of SEGA’s Mega Drive Classics range, and we have the all-important release date and pricing details to give you.

Streets of Rage 2 isn’t the only game coming, as Sonic, Sonic 2, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Golden Axe are also on the way, but Streets of Rage 2 is arguably the pick of the bunch and the one Mega Drive game which is still very much in demand today.

It will be landing on the PlayStation Network on May 18th, priced at £3.19/€3.99, no US price yet, but we’re guessing it will come in at $4.99. However, if you currently have a subscription to PS Plus, you’ll be able to download the game for absolutely nothing, as reported from VG247. That includes all of the games mentioned above as well. Suddenly, the subscription becomes worth while again! There’s full details on the whole classics collection at the EU PS Blog here.

How many of you will be picking up Streets of Rage 2? It’s one of my favorite games of all time, so as long as the price includes online and offline co-op play, it’s worth every bit of the fee in my opinion. Do you agree with the pricing, or do you still think it’s a bit harsh to charge for each game like this? We’ve included a classic clip from the game below – oh, the memories.

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  • michaelross

    What we need is a genesis collection 2. And after that a Saturn collection with Bug, Bug too, clockwork knight 1&2, fighting vipers, virtua fighter 2, fighters megamix, astal,shining force 3, shining the holy ark, shining wisdom, panzer dragoon, panzer dragoon zwei, and panzer dragoon saga.