Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Inventions and Facts

Following on from our earlier article which asked for your bunsen burner stories in celebration of Robert Bunsen and today’s Google Doodle, we now have a list of some of Robert Wilhelm Bunsen’s inventions and facts, as he did a lot more than just create the bunsen burner if you aren’t aware.

Today is actually the 200th anniversary of the great man, and we’re sure he was the main reason why chemistry lessons back in school were more fun than they usually are meant to be. Moving on though, how many of you knew that he also had a collection of other notable inventions?

These include a hydrojet filter pump, which was a device he used to wash samples, a grease-spot photometer which he used to measure light, a steam and ice calorimeter and a process for developing magnesium in vast quantities, according to Madehow.

However, an article over at EnchantedLearning also reveals that Bunsen was behind a chemical Bunsen Battery, and the Bunsen-Kirchhoff spectroscope which he invented with the help of fellow German Gustav Robert Kirchhoff – a tool which allowed both Chemists to perform spectral analysis of different kinds of materials.

Fascinating stuff don’t you think? You can read more information on these inventions in the links above, and there is a general overview of facts on Robert Bunsen at his Wikipedia page here. How many of you thought that he only invented the Bunsen Burner?



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