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Nokia X1-00 For India And Neglected Sectors

The Nokia X1-00 for India will soon be available and is expected to cost about Rs. 2000. This is a very reasonable price, something that is ideal for those neglected sectors, which a number of mobile vendors seems to forget about. Nokia’s slogan is Connecting People, and the Nokia X1-00 is certainly proof of that.

It is no secret that the features will not set any bench tests alight, but the X1-00 is not about that, it is about affordability. The design is a little on the plastically side, but it still has an aggressive style to it. What will make this handset more appealing to the Indian market is its remarkable music player, as we all know how much they love their music.

Some of the main features include a 1.8-inch TFT Display, GSM, FM Radio, Up to 16GB of Storage and 13 hours of talk time. However, it is the Loud Speaker at the back that makes this handset more interesting – just hope a group of people are not playing them at the same time – now that would be annoying.

According to Sense Applied, there are billions of people around the world who do not care about having a smartphone – I found this out during a vacation to Luxor recently – as it is very cheap to get connected to a mobile network. So all most people want to do in areas like this, India and Pakistan is to just get connected, and the Nokia X1-00 allows them to do that at an affordable price. If you have a little more to spend, then why not consider the Spice Projector Mobile (M9000 Popkorn).



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