Nintendo 3DS Vs Sony NGP Sales: Fears of Nintendo Decline?

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2011

The latest sales figures for both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo 3DS are in from Japan, and perhaps it is a sign of bad times ahead with Nintendo having taken a significant plunge in hardware sales from last week. Do you think they will be able to survive the onslaught from the upcoming Sony NGP?

According to the latest figures from Media Create via Andria Sang, the Nintendo 3DS sold 50,710 units last week, which only narrowly managed to beat the Sony PSP which achieved 50,479. Considering that this a comparison between the age old 1st gen PSP and a brand new piece of Nintendo hardware, should this be cause for concern for Nintendo?

Just so you’re aware, the previous week Nintendo shifted 61,394, as reported from Eurogamer, so it’s obvious that gamers are not taking to the Nintendo 3DS as perhaps Nintendo had hoped. On top of that, they’ll also have to face the prospect of Sony’s NGP handheld launching at the end of this year as well, which based on the way things are going now, is likely to topple the Nintendo 3DS in the sales charts without lifting a muscle.

Will Nintendo be able to reverse their fortunes by the time the NGP comes on the market, or is this a clear sign that it’s going to be a ropey period for them towards the end of 2011? What are your thoughts on this – have you bought a Nintendo 3DS? Happy with it, or are you starting to wish you saved your cash for a PSP2?

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  • Ronny

    Hmm I seriously dislike nintendo, and I do take offence to your remarks about apple and microsoft being for computer geeks, this might have bee true 6 years ago, but times have changed. I liked nintendo untill they released the wii, and started cashing in on products like braintraining, wii fit, and nintendogs. Nowadays nintendo is focussed on mainstream, elderly, underaged, and easily satisfied fanboys. Only nintendo and sony can provide for the quality third party games because of bad decisions on nintendos part. bad priorities. see i believe they d rather cash in easily than develope a real quality product that would require risk and honest competition (like Sony)

    • Dan

      Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all awesome you should not hate ether one even if one is not for your age group.

  • N003r

    guys i have a 3ds and its fine, i dont compare handhelds by sales but matters the most. look, if you look at the 3ds,
    its a whooping 249.99$! So basicly if there was a 4ds in 2015 itd be like around 500$ to 800$ im gessing.
    maybe the wii2 is thier backup for extra sales and extra price ok? i hope so.
    NINTENDOS MY FAVORITE COMPANY, 2nd is apple and 3rd mincrosoft for being computer geeks

  • Jam

    Well… if Sony launch the NGP at 249 they will be in a good spot to double PSP1 sales…. the real interesting element that people neglect to speculate about is the whole google / sony alliance to compete with Apple. Mark my words…. at E3 Sony will announce that the NGP supports Android games (this will basically replace the ps minis and provide a cheap game alternative for the casuals)….. The whole Playstation Suite deal for android devices has to make to make wonder…. the touch screen on the NGP will be more for android games than NGP originals if you ask me.

  • noel

    the only thing that will stop or rise the NGP will be the price.
    if sony go the ps3-price way, we may wait 3 years until sales pick up.
    if sony go the wii-price way, we may wait 3 years before sales meet demand.
    so… what sony will do?
    3 years of wasted good games sales because poor installed base, or give away the system with a cool price and see all the games reach the +million sales (that will be money at the end of the day).
    so… good old ps1 and ps2 days
    or… ps3 disaster again.
    by the way the new sony boss has riden the company, i bet the ps3 way, he dont understand game consoles cant be sold with profit first years.
    he just cheap the sony brand all this years.

  • raptz3r

    i think that, besides the 3d and new control stick the 3ds doesn’t bring many new things in terms of tech. while the NGP is almost completly redone from the psp

  • Peter

    I was so gunna buy the 3DS, but the price and battery life have left me cold. I have to buy two consoles of none at all.

    The 3DS's graphics can't justify £400 (for two consoles) of my hard earned cash. The NGP on the other hand, is the height of technology for the present day – so it's a definite buy for me, if… and only if, GOOD MULTIPLAYER games come out at launch!

  • Lunias

    Honestly, the 3DS has few interesting games right now; while Street Fighter, Professor Layton, and Ghost Recon are pretty much holding the system afloat now, I wish that for once there would be better games out on release date. This is something that both the PSP and the DS had problems with.
    While it seems that PSP games are getting better and more numerous, good DS games are increasingly harder to come by. It doesn't help 3DS sales that the DS games look worse on that system than they do on the DSi, which costs a whopping $100 less. I'm sure Nintendo will pull up out of the nosedive once better games arrive.

  • James

    I had a PSP but didn't care for the UMD format. I have and still enjoy my Nintendo DS Lite. This round I'm passing on the 3DS. The NGP looks awesome, I may buy one if the price is right.

  • psp2roundup

    To be fair, none of the huge gaming brands have hit for 3DS yet, it just seems everytime a hit PSP game comes out (this week it was Final Fantasy IV) everyone rushes out and buys another PSP console. That'll happen with 3Ds once Mario, Starfox and others show up.