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iPhone 5 Release Delay: Strategic Reasons

Many of us are now talking about the so-called iPhone 5 release delay and the strategic reasons behind it. We have to make one thing clear, how can anything be delayed if it never had an official release in the first place? Which is something we discussed in a recent post. Apple must be working on something special, if they are to launch their latest smartphone later than the current cycle?

IBT believes that Apple must have a good reason to delay the launch of the iPhone 5, especially as they are under constant pressure from the range of Android handsets on the market. Way back in 2007 Apple dealt a blow to rivals with the launch of the very first iPhone, maybe they feel that it is time to deliver that devastating blow once more?

Another reason, one that could make some sense is that Apple would rather shift the launch of their flagship device closer to the holiday season. However, would consumers really want to be buying a smartphone, when they should be spending their money on gifts for loved ones?

We already discussed about how Apple might be waiting on Verizon, just so they can launch the new fifth-generation iPhone with LTE. However, this certainly seems unfair to all the other carriers around the world.

Finally have you considered all of those patents that Apple has filed over the years, maybe they are waiting on some of them to come to fruition and then incorporate them into the iPhone 5?

What strategic reason could there be to delay the iPhone 5?



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