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HTC Thunderbolt: When are the problems going to stop?

Another day, another batch of HTC Thunderbolt problems to inform you about. This time, we’re hearing reports that the handset is suffering from issues related to 3G data and also a few complaints about muffed audio when using the sound recording feature on the device.

The difference between these problems and the SMS Bug and Mobile Hotspot issues we’ve already told you about, is that both Verizon and HTC are apparently aware of the fresh problems, and are already working on a patch update to fix them up soon, as reported from Phandroid.

If they are doing that, we’re guessing that they are also working on the SMS bug too, as that seems the most serious out of all the issues reported so far – would you agree on this? Anyway, back to the fresh problems, and it appears that there is also a temporary workaround fix to solve the problems related to 3G data – you’ll find this guide over at Phandroid, which has been provided by the guys over at Android Central.

As for the audio problem, the issue occurs when recording video, as the playback can often result in muffled audio, but again this won’t be a serious problem for most of you. We’ll let you know when the patch update to solve these problems is available. In the meantime, let us know how your handset is fairing at the moment, as we’re sure there’s bound to be a good amount of you who are having no problems with the Thunderbolt whatsoever.



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