Google’s Best April Fools Day Pranks

Tomorrow will be a day when we are uncertain what news is real, as some websites will be full of April Fools Day pranks. Even the big search engines get in on the action, but Google is best when it comes to new ideas and jokes, with last year being one of the best yet. Knowing what is the best is a tough one, but we will mention a few of the most recent.

How can anyone forget what Google came up with on April Fools Day last year, where they said that one city had renamed itself Topeka to try and win a high-speed Internet connection. This really did happen, so Google thought that in honor of the gesture they would rename their logo.

Also last year was the Google Translate for Animals Android app. We were told that there was a new application for Android handsets that could translate what animals were saying. This was also from last year, they will have to come up with something even more outrageous to beat that one.

One of our favorites has to be “Google Gulp”, which was said to be a new drink that would be able to increase your intelligence. Well if you would have had a sip from it, then maybe you would have realized that Google had just played another prank on you?

However, the all time great has to be “Google TiSP”. This was a cracker, as Google said that you could all have a fast broadband service, all you needed to do was flush the fiber-optic cable down the toilet and send it on its way.

Which has been your best Google April Fools Day prank?



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