BMO Capital Talks iPhone 5 Release

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2011

A recent article posted on Barron’s Blog suggests that we may not see an iPhone 5 release this summer after all, instead we will see the iPhone 5 release date and iOS 5 release date later in the year.

Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek believed this and has since reduced his estimates for Apple’s Fiscal year, prior to believing this Misek estimated revenue of $107 billion, however he has now cut this down to $103 billion, he also cut his earning-per-share estimate from $24.17 per share to $23.03 per share.

It is not just Misek who does not expect a summer release for the iPhone 5, BMO Capital’s Keith Bachman believes that a new iPhone will arrive “in the September quarter”, Bachman did not change his fiscal estimates.

If you check out the Barron Blog article you will see that one possible reason for a release date delay may be due to Apple working on cloud-based features for iOS 5, this would be a major change, therefore an iPhone 5 delay is understandable if it runs iOS 5 out of the box.

Would you mind waiting until September for a cloud-centric iPhone 5?

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  • Elizabeth

    yeah i do mind waiting because people have been waiting for this and still probably wont want to wait and end up getting another phone