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Staff from GAME asked to buy 3DS stock from Tesco

Last week when the Nintendo 3DS was launched we told you of the cheapest place to get your hands on the device. Tesco at the time were offering the best deal on the console, and staff at rival retailer Game took advantage of this by buying stock from the supermarket giant.

An article over at EuroGamer by Wesley Yin-Poole is reporting that staff at Game we asked to take advantage of Tesco’s launch day offer. The store were selling the 3DS for only £175 on condition you also purchased a 3DS game at the same time. An internal document which you can see on EuroGamer, states that Game cannot match Tesco’s price for the device.

The consoles which were purchased from Tesco were only sold as pre-owned after all of Games own stock run dry. They priced the stock from Tesco at between £5 and £10 cheaper than their own which was selling at £219.99.

Each store was authorized to use £1049.50 for purchasing the console bundles from Tesco, which means five bundles per store. Game have since said the idea wasn’t compulsory and was used to boost the stores own stock of the 3DS, and “happened in small volumes.

Tesco has since responded to the news and told EuroGamer that they want to give customers “the best value”. Game may not have been the cheapest place to buy from, but they couldn’t be expected to compete with a retailer the size of Tesco. At least buying extra stock from another retailer meant it had more units for its own customers.

Do you think Game were wrong to buy stock from Tesco?



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