Sony MDR-NC-13 & MDR-RF865, Noise cancelling and wide receiving

By Chris Cook - Mar 30, 2011

If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, here is a pair you might consider, depending on what type you’re looking for. We previously brought you news of Pioneer’s SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling headphones, now Sony has just announced their two new sets of headphones.

These are the MDR-NC-13 noise cancelling headphones and the MDR-RF865RK wide receiving wireless headphones and they will both cost you less than the Sony’s MDR-MN300D noise cancelling ear buds which are $300.

The new NC-13s promise to drown out approximately 87.4% of background noise and at $230 they are $70 cheaper than the NC300Ds, which drown out 99% of what’s going on in the background.

The RF865RK wireless headphones meanwhile are capable of playing audio from their dock as far as 100m away according to Sony and after a 3.5 hour charge will continue to play your music for as long as 25 hours.

The wireless headset has only just landed in the UK and for now does not have a price, while the NC-13 are available at Sony’s online store now which you can get to by clicking the link. You will also find full specs of the headphones.

What do you think of this pair of headphones? Let us know in the comments below.

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