Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – Debut Teaser Video

By Jamie Pert - Mar 31, 2011

We announced here that CapCom’s next release in the Resident Evil series would be Operation Raccoon City now CapCom has released the game’s debut trailer video. The trailer scrolls through various scenarios of landscapes filled with zombies and gunfire while backed to a euphoric track which doesn’t exactly put the fear factor into the video to say the least.

The video displays lots of gore and zombies eating people, dead or otherwise, which is what you could expect from any resident evil game. The video does not give a lot away in terms of gameplay or features in this game, it is mainly a way to create hype for the release date (which was mentioned in this post).

As the release date gets closer we may see more videos from the game which give more away about the features and gameplay,however for now we are left with what we assume will be a very common scene in this game, zombies! Views on the video are mixed as some are excited to go back to Raccoon City and some say it is not the same game anymore.

Either way, we can only say that the video (shown below) does not give alot a way at this early stage. We can only say that we will bet keeping an eye out for more information to unfold from the developers.

Check out the trailer below, are you impressed?

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  • franki

    The trailer could have been better. The only thing I really saw was the title and that may have something to do with it flashing back on the screen every 02 seconds,
    Would rather buy battlefeild and modern warfare when they come out. I think RE's played out and yes it did seem to be a different game to me, but then again havn't played in a few years