Panasonic plan universal standard for 3D Active Shutter glasses

By Gary Johnson - Mar 30, 2011

TV manufactures are expected to really push 3DTV this year, as they try and persuade consumers to embrace the technology. One of the problems 3DTV has faced is the incompatibility between the various companies active-shutter 3D glasses, Panasonic are planning to change this.

An article over at is reporting that Panasonic have teamed up with Xpand 3D to create a new M-3DI standard for active shutter glasses. Other companies getting behind the new standard include Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Funai Electric Co, amongst others.

Licensing of the new M-3DI technology starts next month, and to begin with it uses infrared to send signals from the 3D screen to the eyewear. But radio communication hasn’t been ruled out sometime in the future.

For the time being we will have to wait and see if other 3DTV heavy weights such as Samsung, Sony, and LG decide to join the scheme. But LG have recently decided to stick with passive 3D technology so we may have to wait sometime before a genuine standard is fully achieved.

We have reported before 3DTVs have not really been the success that the manufacturers would have hoped, but as prices come down and technology improves more people may decide to jump on to the 3DTV bandwagon.

Have you bought a 3DTV yet?

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  • Waltee

    I'm not even going to consider 3DTV. I live in a house of 5 people that all watch TV, and to pay an obscene amount extra for more glasses is out of the question.
    Until they either give you a household worth of glasses, or make it without glasses at all I'll be sticking with what I have.