Nintendo Wii HD Release Could Still Happen, But Specs won’t Include 3D

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2011

We have some pretty major news to bring to gaming fans now, especially if you are a Nintendo Wii owner. Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime has just said that the next Nintendo Wii console, aka the Wii HD won’t have support for 3D visuals, unlike the recently released Nintendo 3DS handheld.

Reggie made his comments in a recent interview with CNN, which you can check out again here, as reported from Joystiq. Below is the quote that you need to pay attention to.

“Glasses-free is a big deal. We’ve not said publicly what the next thing for us will be in the home console space, but based on what we’ve learned on 3D, likely, that won’t be it.”

It’s quite a bold statement to make, one perhaps which could have been made at this years E3 event instead. However, it’s also pretty exciting that Nintendo are even teasing about the next Nintendo home console, especially since those rumors on a Wii HD seemed to have died down dramatically.

We have mentioned that the highlight of E3 2011 could be the suprise announcement of the Xbox 720 console, but how amazing would it be if Nintendo stepped up to the plate as well and announced their next console. I’m not sure about you, but Reggie’s latest intervew has got us excited about the upcoming few months.

Firstly, what are your thoughts on the fact that the next Nintendo console is unlikely to have 3D – Is this a problem for you? Secondly, do you think we’ll see the Wii HD announced at E3 2011 or not?

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  • Mark

    We already know that Nintendo's next console is going to be HD. After all that's the only concrete thing we can predict for sure outside the likely hood of the Wiimote remaining the primary controller in some form or another. Knowing Nintendo's little quirk regarding 60FPS frame rate Wii HD/Wii 2 or whatever it ends up being called likely will be capable of 3D with 30FPS at 720p resolution at the very least even if the GPU doesn't support the API. So more or less these statement from Reggie merely means Wii HD/Wii 2 won't focus on 3D gaming, but some other hook.