Mortal Kombat Online Pass: How do Gamers Feel About This?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2011

We have some rather surprising news to bring you now, as we’re hearing that the upcoming Mortal Kombat 2011 game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will feature Warner Bros’ Online Pass requirement, meaning that players will need to enter a code if they want to access all of the online features in the game.

The news has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros, but an email received by Joystiq, has inadvertently confirmed things earlier than expected. The email explains that when the game reaches retailers on April 19th, the game will contain a code which you’ll need to unlock the various online modes in the highly anticipated gore fest.

It may seem pretty irrelevant to those of you who are getting the game from day one regardless, but what about those of you who are planning on buying a used copy? Well you’ll now have to pay $9.99 on the PS3, or 800 Microsoft Points in order to get a code from Warner Bros to play online, it sounds pretty harsh, but logical to them from a business perspective since a lot of other companies are doing it as well. If you choose not to purchase a code for the game, you’ll only be able to sample the online features for 2 days before you are swiftly removed from the servers.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a step backwards for Mortal Kombat? This info has only just come out, but as a gamer myself, I know there’s bound to be a few of you who will be furious about this. We’ll update you when we hear full details on the situation.

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  • Mortal CONbat

    Very annoyed to find online is an extra payment…..we've just payed full price for this game – which I rarely ever do – and now find they want more money. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known.

    Any future games that require a pass will be crossed straight off my list – unless the game price is reduced to compensate – I'll stick to freebies like Quakelive from now on I think!


    Wow this is rediculous, i pay 60 dollars a year to have access to xbox live! now i have to pay more money just to use the game?????? so y am i having to pay for xbox live then? whats the point? This is basically the developers way of being immature about losing the lawsuite against companies like gamestop n such, and the only people that are suffering are the fans…..again WOW….i will not be purchasing any game that has this "code"

  • The Guy

    I like the game I am going for DLC characters however I don't care about playing online.With SoulCalibur4Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag2 along with TekkenX Street Fighter and KoF 13 I'll still be able to get my fighting fix.There's no reason to have consumers shell out more money to play games online.You already brought the game beliveing you'll have free online and BAM! its not their.That's cheap.I'm not mad though.I got my money's worth.But online passes are pure foolishness.I don't see any benefits for consumers. You know you'll get lag switchers,spammers just like all fighting games.Online passes won't fix any of those problems

  • byebyemk

    I was considering buying this game.. but me and my GF have separate xbox live accounts and naturally like to be able to use the same copy of a game… so i naturally boycott any game that has an online pass.

    I might pick this one up in the bargain bin, but they lost a day 1 sale. Its not like the used game market is big for multiplayer based games anyhow… so it seems somewhat stupid.

  • Hate

    Nothing pisses me off more than buying a used game for only 5 dollars less than a new one and getting it home to find out it will be another 10 dollars to play online

  • Stupid idea

    Question: How does this work if you have multiple PS3's (like i do) or take the game to a friends house to play online? Do i need a pass for each system or is it tied to my PSN account? This online pass is a cash cow for developers. I know its only $10, not a lot, but still only a cash grab.

  • Kat

    The main issue here is that they wanted to slip it past the customers. I am not a fan of this whole online pass thing at all, but trying to remove the choice of whether or not to support games that have it is unacceptable. I have purchased games that have "online passes" before — I own a PC, and on there its called putting in the registration code. That being said, I probably buy about 30% of what I buy for my console for my PC. Why? Because if I am going to buy something that is going to be "mine for keeps" I am far more discerning about what I buy. Want a surfire way to have me cut my game buying at launch by 50 – 70%? You got it, game developers. 'Cause 50 – 70% of what you make is not worth a permanent spot on my shelf.

  • mrhappy199

    Personally I refuse to buy games that have an "online pass." It's just developers being greedy. There are used markets for EVERY product in the world. Can you imagine if you bought a movie used and you had to pay 10$ for the ending? can you imaging if you bought a used book or borrowed one from the library and you had to pay 10$ for the last chapter? People have every right to sell there games, or choose to buy them used.. and this is just greedy and immoral to try and influence that.
    Thanks for the news, I will NOT be buying this game now.


    I'M VERY EXCITED for the new Mortal Kombat game. I would just love for the prices on DLC to condense to a reasonable price and for all Australians to be able to enjoy this wonderful 2.5D experience of the legendary mortal kombat game. God bless us all! This game will help me to NOT think about the economy , Al queda and etc.