Modern Warfare 3: Release Date Update – Xbox 360, PS3, PC Reveal Soon?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2011

It has been a while since we had any Modern Warfare 3 related news to bring you, but this latest bit of information should definitely interest you. We’re hearing that the game will be officially unveiled by Activision sometime next month, we’re hoping this includes a release date.

The rumors have surfaced from the PlayStation Magazine 3 publication, as they have said that mid-April will be the moment when Activision decide to unwrap the third game in the hugely successful Modern Warfare franchise.

At the moment, we don’t know anything about the game, this includes the development side of things too as we’re unsure if Infinity Ward will be handling things on their own, or if they’ll be assisted by Sledgehammer Gamers and Raven as previous rumors suggest.

VG247 make the interesting point that it was in April of last year, that Activision decided to announce Black Ops, so whether that puts more strength behind a Modern Warfare 3 reveal in April – remains to be seen. We’ll do our bit and let you know once anything else slips out.

Do think the time is right to announce the game? We think so, since everyone seems to be only talking about Battlefield 3 at the moment. A Modern Warfare 3 announcement could shift things in Activision’s favor once again – what do you think?

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  • Anonymous

    lets hope it will be good this time and not look like mw2 all over again

  • Anonymous

    lets hope it will be good this time and not look like mw2 all over again

  • Stef Man

    Battlefield 3, FTW!! It will be the superior game… MW3 will sell more, but Battlefield 3 will be exponentially better in all aspects of the game. I like a challenge and working as a team. Not playing with whiny kids and cheaters with modded controllers and whatnot… You all stick to COD, leave Battlefield 3 for the big boy gamers. 🙂

  • michael

    loooooool nice one ;P

  • Spencer

    I tried out battlefield 2 but it's kinda boring and slow to me. Guess it's just what you prefer. I will defiantly be buying mw3. Black ops does not count bc it's made by treyarch. They suck.

    • jordan

      very true but it is still a fun game to play

    • justin

      ok buddy dont be talking crap about treyarch…sure they messed up on black ops but the did an excellent job on call of duty world at war…and personally i think black ops is made for people who like to camp in a corner all game to get kills cuz they cannot run around and get kills…for people who do that, well they just suck

      • Spencer

        dont be talking crap about treyarch? have you not heard of that shit pile COD 3 they actually call a game?

      • kibs

        and dude do you like when snipers run across the whole map quuickscope and kill you in one shot and not even a headshot? I dont think so,cuz snipers need to camp,that is their place(well not all the game but you get the point 🙂 )

        • mx439

          I thought Black Ops was ok. If it wasn't for zombies mode, I would have quit playing it already. I've already beaten the game on Veteran. The story was good but is boring after the first play-through. It did have a lot of Easter eggs in the campaign and in zombies.

  • Stinkfinger

    The battlefield games are so bad and I mean bad! I can't see how anybody can spend there money on such garbage. Everybody I know are checking there computers everyday on updates on MW3. We are all so excited.

  • TNastyyyy

    MW3 All The Way! BF sucks

  • rojodix

    modz and hacks are ruining the games

    • danny

      i agreee

    • Anonymous

      Rojo if you know who this might be message me on youtube xdjtx1 k

  • That Guy

    battlefield 3 vs modern warfare 3… they need a refresh in the COD series its the same thing just with different maps every time. I think battlefield 3 will be a better game.

  • Marcus Soligo

    Battlfield gets my money, cuz ive played enough fast paced0 shooting for once.

  • chris

    I think they need to hurry up and release details on Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully we get a trailer and this game is TONS better than the crap they put out called Black Ops. I read this interesting article on a Modern Warfare 3 fan site and they were talking about if MW3 can remain the top FPS. I think it’s possible, I always enjoyed the Modern Warfare 3 titles as they seem to have better gameplay as compared to the “Call of Duty” titles. The franchise has taken a huge step back with the previous two games released, and I think with the competition stepping up that Activision will make sure this is a great game. They also said the game will be out on November 11, which is interesting. Are there any other MW3 sites out there with new information on the game? That was the only one I can find that has news on modern warfare 3 consistently and provides new info.

  • dog

    Pikey mong, get both you minimum wage northerner

  • Ghost

    Modern Warfare 3 needs dedicated servers to shift things towards Activisions favor. If they dont do this, call of duty is over!

    • marc

      no doubt dude…if they dont come right with the major server problems that COD games have had in their last 2 games (modern warfare 2 and black ops) im done with the COD franchise…the hassle is not worth the money or aggrevation

  • Simon

    if it comes down to MW3 or Battlefield3, Battlefield will get my money.

    • finch44

      hell yes my friend i totally agree with you

    • Anybodybutmyself

      If it comes Down to Battlefield3 or the Original Call of Duty I would Pick the Original Call of Duty.