Minecraft Patch 1.4 Brings Wolves and Achievements

By Jamie Pert - Mar 30, 2011

You may remember roughly one month ago we suggest that Minecraft‘s creator was considering adding achievements to the game, well we are now hearing that a beta update will add this feature along with a couple of other minor changes.

According to BigDownload the 1.4 patch will add the achievement system which will use an “ambitious” statistic tracking system, also you will be able to change your spawn location and cute wolves will be added.

This news came about thanks to a tweet from the game’s creator Mark Persson aka Notch, you can follow him on Twitter here and his tweet read “The plan is to release 1.4 this week. Stats and achievements require more work than expected“.

Other details are scarce, however we led to believe that more than 662 statistics will be tracked, another of his tweets read “Most of the stats are item usage and crafting info per item and block“.

We are not sure exactly when this update will go public, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we hear more. For now let us know what you think about the proposed changes in the comments section below, what other changes would you like to see?

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  • naish

    where i can find the download

  • toasty

    its updateing minecraft to it now 😀

    • MrNomNoms

      updating Minecraft NAW!!!!