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iPad Will Fail: HP and Dell Prediction

When you hear people say that the iPad will fail you have to laugh, but that was the HP and Dell prediction – even now. You would have thought that such companies would have learned by now that high sales with the old model and healthy pre-orders with the iPad 2 (latest problems) is proof enough that it is considered a success.

Dell and HP would have been one of those companies who spoke out about the original iPad when it launched last year, saying that it would be a flop – well in so many words. Both companies are to launch their own devices to rival Apple’s tablet device – well that’s the theory anyway. However, putting that into practice might be tougher than they think.

AppleInsider reports that Dell’s Andy Lark said that the iPad will not be able to maintain its lead in the market, as it will not be able to compete with the open enterprise market. Now have we not heard this before about the iPhone, which has sold over 90 million handsets since its launch?

HP’s Stephen DeWitt believes that the iPad will fail not because of the device itself, but because how Apple deal with its partners. DeWitt believes that his company is much friendlier to partners, and it is this that will help them secure future deals.

It is no secret that Apple has a tough stance when it comes to certain aspects of its business, but you do not become successful by being nice all of the time and allowing people to walk over you. Business is like a relationship, its all about give and take – so where do you think Apple, Dell and HP stand on that one?



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