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iOS 5 New Features List: Better Voice Control Needed or Not?

We have some fresh information for those of you looking forward to the next major version of Apple’s mobile software, iOS 5, as it has been reported that the company will be including a major new feature with regards to voice controls.

The news has surfaced from TechCrunch, as they have said that a significant portion of WWDC 2011 will be reserved for introducing a ‘much deeper voice integration’ feature within iOS 5, designed for usage on both the iPhone and iPad.

Interestingly, these new voice control features will be a include both artificial intelligence and ‘assistance’ technology and will be shown to the audience at WWDC 2011 on June 6th. According to this additional report by Apple Insider, the new technology will allow iPhone and iPad owners to perform much deeper voice tasks, such as booking a table at a restaurant, by speaking in normal conversional English into the loudspeaker.

Sounds quite intriguing doesn’t it – what are your thoughts on this prospect? Are you happy that Apple are discovering new features such as this, or would you prefer them to focus on other areas, such as multitasking or the homescreen interface? You may find an old article we wrote useful, as we ran a poll asking for your top feature wishlist for iOS 5.



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