HTC Desire HD: Gingerbread Release Date Update for Europe, UK Included?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2011

From where we are standing, it looks like it’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread week. After telling you about Gingerbread downloads for the Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X and Droid 2 handsets, we now have some important information for HTC Desire HD owners.

And it’s good news if you currently reside in Europe as we’re hearing that the official Gingerbread update could be landing on French carrier SFR as early as April, as reported from Phandroid. That’s going to be music to some ears since the update was thought to be coming much later than that.

So what does this mean for those of you in the UK on Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile? Well, if it is on the way to France next month, that sounds like a pretty good indication to us that it’s on the way to the rest of Europe sooner rather than later too. Of course you can also keep your eye out for any leaked builds, but it may be worth checking Facebook and Twitter pages of your respective carriers to make sure you are not missing any important announcements with regards to Gingerbread.

Are you currently waiting for the update for on your Desire HD – Is it badly needed, or are you happy with your handset at the moment?

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  • michaelB

    i must say after the n97 hell phone i had before my dhd is fricking amazing but i do agree froyo has a few glitches that could do with ironing out random restarts on mine are a pain in the arse especially when using the sat nav or at 3 in the morning when its chime wakes me up for no apparent reason but i still love it just hope gingerbread takes it to another level death to the iphone!

  • mike

    My DHD sometimes kindly chooses not to notify me when I've received a text. Only when I go into messaging do I see that a text is sitting there, unread and unnoticed, and often received hours ago. Really makes me angry, which is such a shame cos I love this phone! Pinning all hopes on Gingerbread to fix this problem.

    • james

      same here!
      i also have a problem when i'm listening to music and the phone crashes, it restarts and then when i play music, no sound comes out, so i have to pull the battery out… :/ the same problem also occurs when the track is changing and i receive a notification. it really is very annoying

      • Tim

        I have all of these problems too, from both James and mike, in a way I'm happy other people have the same problem as it means its not just my handset but also annoyed aswell.

        Mine also randomly deleted all messages however you can get most of these back by syncing back with

        Other than that I'm very happy with phone and well lasts a whole day 6am – 10pm normally with fair usage my hero only used to last 2 days tops

  • iss

    SSince update 2 odd weeks ago have had nothing but probs inc messages not coming through so have to turn phone on and off, and now can't access video I've taken inc recent footage. Battery life poor now as well. Not happy as been singing its praises before.

    • Pete

      Me also. All my texts (sent or received) don't arrive for several hours. I was going to blame Orange but are others DHD users getting the same of late on other networks too?

      • Sham

        im not.

  • Bernard

    How about getting the update on unlocked phones that were not bought from a carrier?

    • Scrab

      What do you mean? My DHD was bought from Vodafone but it's unlocked. So no problem

    • Sham

      you will get it a lot earlier than locked phones because the update comes straight from HTC 😉

  • Sid

    My DHD came with firmware 1.32.707.5. Is this the same as Froyo? If not, how do I upgrade to Froyo or Gingerbread?

    • Sham

      nooo your looking at the version of HTC Sense, in the "about" area it should say you're on Android version 2.2.1 🙂

  • drugOn

    Great! Can't wait to get it. I only hope that new Gingerbread for DHD will work as flawlessly as Froyo does.

  • Yashveer Lahori

    waiting for it coz its gonna bring even faster android experience on my desire hd but m still happy with the performance and the device just feels great, iphone fells so tiny now 🙂

    Honeycomb is a version of android which is developed for tablet pcs for now its still in its developing phase and would not bring any great new features on a mobile device as for now but if u so want it u can headover to pda developers site and get it, tried it its sucks on smart phones.

    thanks for the info hope it comes to Europe soon waiting 🙂

  • Will

    Honeycomb is for tablets

  • Andrew

    Desire HD definitely needs the update as the battery life with Froyo is shockingly bad.

    • SirWalrus

      Not if you put the phone into USB debugging mode – go to options – application settings – developer – usb debug mode. then plug the phone into your PC. unplug – your done. For some reason this stops a process which runs constantly in the background and eats thebattery…

      • Sham

        the update aslo lets you put a much bigger capacity battery in the handset

  • tej

    When is it coming to India ???
    And y not honeycomb ??

    • Arun

      honeycomb is for tablets not phones