Apple waiting on Verizon for iPhone 5 Release, AT&T Users Jealous?

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2011

We have more details on the potential huge twist in the ongoing Apple iPhone 5 saga, as the latest rumors reveal that Apple are planning to delay the release of their fifth generation iPhone, in favor of a release later on this year so that they can include a 4G LTE chip inside.

We first told you about this possibility in a previous report here, so you can read that if you need a recap on the details. What we want to discuss is the implications this potential move has on other carriers, and obviously the backlash that it could create, although Apple will see it as a positive business move.

After finally getting the iPhone on Verizon after AT&T’s exclusivity period, it seems as if they want to enjoy their new partnership with Verizon while they can by releasing a new iPhone 5 with a built in 4G LTE chip. While this is obviously great news for Verizon customers, how would it make AT&T feel? – Inadequate perhaps like Samsung?

We still don’t know if Apple are planning to bring more than one version of their iPhone 5 to market, but it does seem likely that a 4G LTE version is on the cards eventually. Providing this goes ahead, it does also mean that the rest of the world has to sit back and wait while Apple press forward with their plans for a true 4G capable handset to compete alongside the HTC Thunderbolt and the Sprint EVO 3D.

If you are currently an AT&T subscriber and have been keeping a close eye on these developments, we want to know your thoughts on the situation. How would you feel if Apple are holding back on the iPhone 5 release, just to accomodate Verizon and their 4G LTE motives?

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  • Sheri Negri

    I have never had issues with AT&T coverage, so I am reluctant to switch to Verizon. I get great service every time I go into an AT&T store for help, so I feel I should be loyal. I am annoyed that Apple is only releasing to Verizon because I really want the iphone 5!

  • Greg

    I'll wait until Verizon gets the 5G and I'll be switching over from AT&T.

  • Kate

    I have had every iPhone model, all on ATT. I have had NO customer service or cellular service issues. Being a loyal apple and ATT customer, the fact that I now have to wait for the 5 because of Verizon makes me furious.

  • jimmy

    Why can't they release it on Sprint? I have Sprint and running out of patience here. I love the service and the plan price but they better make a move towards Apple soon or I will finally leave. By the way, I have an Evo which is great but because Apple is known for its simplicity and compatibility (itunes, etc) that is why I would leave Sprint. Does anyone have any info on a Sprint iPhone 5???

  • Jeff

    I have a 3G and I'm getting tired of it. I was putting off buying the 3G because I knew that a newer model was coming out soon,(3GS). But sadly my old phone broke, so I just went out and bought the 3G. I also put off buying the iphone4 because it had that antenna issue, also I'm good at procrastinating. And I've been hearing iphone5 could come this summer, so hey why not wait. But if I have to wait till fall for crappy verizon I will be furious.

  • Brian

    Love it! I'm AT&T but this would be a great slap in the face to AT&T! AT&T treats us like crap so now they'll see what it feels like!!!