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White iPhone 4 Chic Edition, If Price is No Issue

Since the release of the iPhone 4 many of us have been looking forward to the release of a white variant, however there still has been no white iPhone 4 release. If cost is no issue for you we have a great product for you to check out, this is the White iPhone 4 Chic Edition.

The White iPhone 4 Chic Edition has been made by Stuart Hughes (who previously made the £5 million diamond-encrusted gold iPad 2), this iPhone 4 has a white and pink design which features 500 quality Swarovski stones set around the circumference of the bezel, the design also features Platinum elements.

There are currently four choices of crystal colors to choose from, these are ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green and midnight black, the iPhone itself is white and features 32GB of storage and is said to be unlocked to all networks worldwide, despite saying this there is no mention of CDMA connectivity.

As you have probably guessed the White iPhone 4 Chic Edition does not come cheaply, it costs £2,795.00 which equates to roughly $4,500, you can find out more about this impressive and luxurious iPhone 4 here.

Below we have embedded a photo of the White iPhone 4 Chic Edition, do you like the design?



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