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Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City – First Screenshot Scans Show Graphics

We have more details on Capcom’s huge announcement about a brand new game called Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City that is on the way. We now have the entire magazine scans for you to check out, from which the game was first leaked online.

Those scans come from the Official PlayStation France Magazine, and we’re pleased to say that have uploaded each page for you to enjoy. We won’t upload the scans here just in case Capcom don’t like it, but you can check them out here and click on each image to enlarge so you can see the first images for yourself.

On first glances, we have to say that the graphics don’t appear to be up to next gen standard, as they look more PSP-ish to us, although this may be a very early build of the game, so we’re definitely not criticising just yet – the game is due on Xbox 360 and PC as well just to let you know.

Take a look at the scans for yourself through the link and let us know what you think. Do you have anything to say on the quality of these graphics, or is it too early to say until we get some proper high resolution images? We’ll inform you when we hear more.



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