RedLynx Unveils 1000 Heroz Game: Coming to iPhone / iPod Touch

By Tina Chubb - Mar 29, 2011

If you own an iOS device and you love playing games with plenty of content, then you’re most likely going to love the recently unveiled 1000 Heroz game. The platform/running game – which is being developed by RedLynx – promises to provide gamers with a massive 1000 days worth of content.

Every day unlocks a new level, in which the player’s goal is to make it through that level as fast as they possibly can. However, according to Tracy Erickson over at, each level will contain objects that either help or hinder the player’s progress. This includes pitfalls, trampolines and air vents.

Completing a level not only enables players to post their high score online, but it also rewards them with a relic. As well as unlocking a new level, users are also given access to new heroes and relics every day. Relics can range from the ordinary such as a fur coat, to the eccentric such as the world’s deadliest joke.

The 1000 Heroz app also features achievements and leaderboards, as well as special password-protected leagues that allow you to compete with your friends. Unfortunately we don’t have a specific release date or pricing details at this stage, but we do know that it will be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Do you like the sound of the 1000 Heroz game?

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