Mortal Kombat 2011 Characters: Final Roster List Satisfaction and Top Picks?

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2011

Yesterday we brought you an image which appeared to show the complete Mortal Kombat 2011 character roster list, and it now appears that the image is indeed real and the fighters shown are the core characters that will be available on the disc, with the inclusion of Kratos for the PS3 version as well.

If you haven’t seen the image, check it out again below. It looks like there are 28 fighters to choose from if you include Kratos not shown in the image, while one of the character boxes appear to be a random select option since it shows the same fighter in the bottom left and right corners.

And that fighter is of particular interest as well, as it reveals the inclusion of Cyber Sub Zero – a character whose identity is shrouded in mystery and has yet to be unveiled by NetherRealm Studios. We’re thinking they are pretty annoyed right now since this image has leaked out weeks before the game goes on sale officially.

Anyway, its out there so we may as well discuss what we can see. Out of the fighters shown, the new ones we can pick out (view bigger version here) are Kabal, Sheeva, Quan Chi and Human Smoke – sporting that crazy looking afro. Are you happy with the final choices, or are you disappointed that some characters have been left off the list?

For example, we know that Rain from Mortal Kombat Trilogy is a fan favorite, and if you have Cryax, Sektor and Cyber Sub Zero in there, why not include Robot Smoke as well – he was pretty bad ass in Mortal Kombat 3. Dont forget though, Ed Boon already stated that we would be seeing most of the characters from MK1-MKT so Rain and Robot Smoke may still come later via DLC, just like Kenshi and Scarlet who have already been announced.

Let us know your thoughts on the final roster list, and which character you are going to be using the most.

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  • Brian

    I have the game, and there are some good characters missing. I think they did this on purpose so they can later make a DLC with the characters for more money.

  • Jake

    WHOOPSI lol

  • SindelFl

    OH YEAH my girl Sindel is in it!!!!

  • Stephanie

    I want to see Rain in this. He just seems unfair that he seems left out. He is also one of my favorite characters.

  • realG

    sub-zero,,,,scorpian,,,,smoke,,,,raiden,,,,,(the MAIN GUYS)

  • andre

    ermac,kabal,nightwolf,and cyrax all day

  • Jon

    from what I've read online, because raiden changes things as the game progress from MK1-3 smoke escapes from the clan when they start turning ninjas to robots and sub-zero gets captured and turned. Also,according to the backstories, Quan Chi was retconned to be behind the scenes through MK1-3

  • Hollywood

    Fortunately Smoke does NOT have an afro, but some pretty sweet flowing gray hair that you can see in this concept art from Netherrealm Studios:

    It may not be finalized art but I imagine this is pretty much the look of Smoke.

    Awesome right??!

  • Sean

    Ermac, Smoke, and Reptile. I preordered the game from amazon just so I could get reptiles Klassic costume and fatality

  • Steven



    goro is non playable just in story and human smoke thats beat i prefer the trio of cyborgs myself but scorpion is my man

  • cage!!

    Goro is in it as well he's on the demo

  • Raphael

    My tag team’s gonna be Baraka and Jade. HELL YEAH.

  • kano

    im only going to be using johnny cage, shang tsung, mileena. i was hoping that sheeva, kabal and noob saibot would not make the return but o well. i really dont see why quan chi is in the game. from what i can remeber, he wasnt part of the story until four. as for raiden, he died in the story so i really dont see why hes playable. other than that the roster looks ok

    • Jon

      This game goes back to MK1-3 and goes through that again, only this time raiden has a little knowledge of future events, so technically, he's not dead yet. Also, Quan Chi's background (and game's mythology) was retconned to have him be a part of the plans since MK1 (I think they've said that he's part of the reason Scorpion was in MK1)

  • BKG

    it a very exciting roster hope that kahn, goro and kintaro are playable plus like to see montaro, havak, bo rai cho, rain, fujin, onaga, shinnok…

  • darran

    kung lao, kano, liu kang, sonya, jax, kabal and baraka

    • johnnycage9

      why isnt smoke in cyber form that drives me kraziiiiiiiiiii charcters dont need big hair..thats all tekken!!