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iPad 2 Accessories – Compact Flash (CF) Card Reader with USB

If you have been thinking about buying an iPad 2 you may have been looking at which accessories to purchase, well if you have a digital camera which uses Compact Flash memory cards we may have the perfect solution for you.

This is the CF card reader for iPad and iPad 2, it is said to allow for transfers of up to 133MB/s and there is support for both UDMA and non-UDMA Compact Flash cards. You can see a review of this product here, the review suggests that the file transfer is fast and on the whole most file-types are supported, that said there is no support for Canon EOS 5D Mark II captured video.

MicGadget sell the card reader for $29.90 here, it also features a USB port which is said to support some USB keyboards and will allow you to transfer videos and photos from your iPhone 4 to your iPad, further details regarding this USB port’s capabilities seem quite scarce.

If your digital camera used an SD memory card and you want to transfer photos to your iPad you should buy the iPad Camera Connection Kit, this allows you to transfer photos via your camera’s USB cable or directly from the SD card, you can buy this for $29.00 here.

Will you buy the CF card reader for your iPad?



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