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HTC EVO 3D: Europe and UK Release Date Update

We have some fantastic news for our readers in the UK and Europe now, as it looks as if you’ll be getting a nice surprise this year with the arrival of the HTC EVO 3D, the highly impressive handset that Sprint and HTC have just revealed over in the US.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed by a UK carrier yet, but a Tweet by HTC France has confirmed that the handset will be coming to France at least, and with the same name – which doesn’t happen very often. Usually when a US handset lands in Europe shores, it usually comes with a brand new personality, ie. the Motorola Droid> Motorola Milestone one prime example – but we’re delighted to hear that it will still be known as the HTC EVO 3D globally.

Since it’s coming to France, does that mean we can take it for granted that it will be out in the UK as well? – You bet. We’d even predict a UK carrier confirming a release within the next few days – we’re putting our money on Vodafone.

You can view the message from HTC France here, you may need a translator handy though if your French is not up to scratch. What are your thoughts on a possible UK and Europe release for the HTC EVO 3D? You can get a recap on specs here, is this handset a must buy for you?



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