How to fix black screen of death on Nintendo 3DS

By Gary Johnson - Mar 29, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS was launched during the last few days with a special launch parties around the world, and many fans managed to get their hands on Nintendo’s new console. But it wasn’t long before users started reporting problems, with news of the 3DS crashing. Today we have some advice which will hopefully fix the black screen of death.

When users were met with the console crashing they got an error message and were advised to reboot the system. Now an article on Geeky Gadgets by Catalin Alexandru, is reporting that Nintendo have released a statement regarding the issue.

They say that any users who have experienced the problems should first update the system software which is now available online. We first told you about this firmware update becoming available just as the 3DS was being released. The software update is also thought to make the device more stable and improve wireless connectivity.

Nintendo continue by saying if problems still exist after the update users should “contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem further”. At the moment it is not known if the update will cure the problem for everyone, but may mean less people will be heading back to retailers demanding a refund or exchange.

It seems a lot of new tech encounters some problems soon after launch, problems with the iPad 2 have been reported just after it was released. But it could be that just a few rogue units grabbing all the headlines, while all the satisfied owners just continue enjoying their new piece of tech.

Have you had any problems with your Nintendo 3DS? And what games are you playing?

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  • Guest

    Can someone help me? My 3ds frezzes on the double black screen, then if I hold power, it takes me to power off menu. If I hit home, then it frezzes when it says, “Home Menu”. Somebody help me!!!

  • gareth

    I have error codes on everygame even from the menu its random when it pops up! but my ds wont connect to the net either so looks like it back to the shops! that annouys me too as i brought on release day when i could of brought cheaper online 🙁