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Edit and watch videos on your iPhone with official Vimeo app

The video sharing website has just released an official application for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch 4G, and iPad 2. The application has all the best bits from Vimeo included in one application.

Users will be able to easily edit, manage, watch, and upload videos direct from their mobile device. They can also watch a variety of excellent videos which are based on their personal preferences, as well as the sites channels. The site currently has millions of users, and was voted a top 50 website for the last two years running in Time Magazine.

Features of the application include capture video with focus control and grid alignment, add music and recordings, adjust volume levels, and add effects, titles, and transitions. Completed videos can be saved or uploaded directly to Vimeo.

The application will receive regular updates which will have further enhancements, that include more music and effects. Vimeo 1.0 is available worldwide free of charge on the App Store. iOS 4.0.1 or later required.



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