E3 2011 Vs WWDC 2011: What Event Will take your Preference?

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2011

We are approaching the business end of the year and if you’re a tech lover and gaming lover, you’re going to be spoilt for choice in June. We’ve just told you the confirmed dates for Apple’s WWDC 2011 event, and it also means that the event will take place during the same time as E3 2011, the gaming industry’s biggest spectacle too.

In case you missed the news over the last few hours, WWDC 2011 will take place between June 6 and June 10th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, just like we told you here although the dates have been altered slightly. However, anticipation for their event may have declined considerably though, as we’re hearing that the company will NOT be showing off any new hardware, including the iPhone 5. Instead they are set to focus on iOS 5 and a new version of Mac OS X.

Apple’s event falls in line with E3 2011, which will take place on June 7- June 9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nothing major has been announced for the gaming event yet, as everything is usually kept under lock and key, unless you’re Sony of course and everything is leaked days before the event starts – let’s see if it happens again this year! We doubt we’ll see any major new hardware at E3 2011 other than the Sony NGP, but we’re secretly hoping that Microsoft drop a big bombshell on the successor to the Xbox 360 – aka the Xbox 720 as it’s more commonly known.

Which both events already scheduled, which one will take your preference? It may be hard to keep track of both at the same time on June 7th, so will you just watch one rather than the other? Do you consider yourself to be more of a tech fan or gaming fan? We’ve created a poll below and we’re interested to see where your priorities lie.

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  • Michael

    obviously E3 takes priority, apple just flood the market with cheap software, whereas theres a few things im looking forward to from E3

    like GTA5…hope it gets announced

    however, no new xbox will be announced as microsoft said like 2 years ago that the current console will dominate for at least 10 years…why introduce a new console if you want your existing one to dominate?!

  • marhorn

    I soooo hope 343 reveal someting Halo related! Secretly hoping for Halo wars for Windows phone 7 (but then again im still waiting for the update lol)

    Street fighter x Tekken and vice versa (although looking more forward to a remake of thrid strike)

    Hope some new kinect titles are announced that are actually for gamers (and wont be 3 years away)

    If they do reveal the next Xbox I hope they do it right at the end!
    with almost life-like graphics (better than anything weve seen anyway) up on a screen with just epic, majestic, moving scenario's! (maybe Halo? im thinking like deliver reach) and then the words……..720 OR….. ITS COMING OR JUST THE XBOX LOGO and thats it!