Car Maintenance Schedule and 2011 Tips

If you are having difficulty staying on top of your car maintenance schedule and are looking for a little help with this, you’ll be pleased to know we have found a few guides online which will help you with this very task, ensuring that your annual car maintenance schedule goes as smoothly as possible.

Yes we did say annual, although of course the recommended period that car owners should take their motor in for maintenance is every three months. Having said that, how many of you can honesty say you stick to this timeframe?

However, one guide which is sure to assist you with your schedule can be found over at Edmunds. They provide an excellent DIY guide, where you can simply input the details, mileage of your car and zip code and then you’ll be presented with a break down of the average costs and items that you are likely going to have to pay for if you take it in for servicing.

Below is a quick example that we tried out, just to give you an idea of how it works:

Failing that, we’ve found a useful article over at Fastlanes which gives you some useful information on car maintenance, information which is vital that you know about before parting with your car. The last thing you want to happen is that you end up paying more money than you should, so it’s worth worth seeking a second opinion if you can.

How often do you take your car in for servicing?



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