Amazon Cloud Player Review: Initial Thoughts

By Marlon Votta - Mar 29, 2011

As Amazon enters amongst the elite in audio streaming using the Amazon Cloud Player, now comes the chance for sites to give you their first opinion on this superb music device.

Entering your own music files after scanning your hard drive for about 10 minutes, picking and choosing songs and playlists becomes quick and easy, letting you move in and out certain parts of your tracks. This is something that’s not accessible on all products available, even though uploading your initial 1,000 tunes could take up to half the day.

With this user friendly cloud player it was found that the audio sound will be of a greater standard when accessed through the hard drive, and with use of the Android, finding your music by phone at speed, meant these same features apply.

Beginning with a memory of 5 GB free, most consumers will want more, so by spending $20 you will get 20 GB per year with an easy system of a dollar a GB, which is a nice bargain from Amazon, and with the Cloud Player on the market iTunes could lose some people. Do you think that Apple will come back with a bargain of their own? As Apple along with Google are planning to put forward their cloud players within the year, has the standard been set?

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  • marhorn

    Microsoft has had this for ages! and seemless integration between all devices!