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Windows 8 to have system restore feature

It doesn’t fell like it has been that long since Windows 7 operating system first arrived in PCs around the world. Later this year it is expected that Microsoft’s next OS Window’s 8 will be released, and features of the new version are starting to emerge already.

Patrick Goss over at TechRadar is reporting that the new version of Microsoft’s operating system looks set to have a system restore feature. A screenshot has emerged from showing options for the feature. The options offer users the ability to restore to a fixed point or to factory settings.

Having the chance to put your computer back to a situation just after Windows 8 was installed, but with all your personal data still available will be a welcome feature for many. Users will be able to quickly go back to a point before any nasty’s found their way onto your operating system.

Microsoft wants Windows 8 to be held in the same regard as its current operating system is, and one of the improvements with the next version is more support for PC gaming. What new features would you like to see in Windows 8?


  • mark

    Support for vb6

  • Lee Willis

    Why do you not ewmove or update entries on this websit that are outdated. For example Windows 7 SP1 has beeen released, yet there is a link to SP1 beta still posted. This can confuse readers. Shame…shame.


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