Warhawk 2 for PS3: First Rumored Details Emerge

We have some pretty exciting news now for all you Warhawk fans out there, as we’ve just received word that a sequel to the popular 2007 multiplayer-only game is in development. The Warhawk 2 title, which just like the original will be exclusive to the PS3, is rumored to be arriving sometime in 2012.

According to a recent article by Josh Garibay over on the website, Sony Computer Entertainment of America are said to have held a special event recently, in which they reportedly gave selected Warhawk players the opportunity to test out the upcoming Warhawk 2 game.

Although cameras weren’t allowed to take any off-screen snapshots of the game in action, a few rumored details about the game did manage to make their way out. For example, the graphics of the Warhawk 2 game are said to have received a boost, and improvements have been made to the combat system.

The game is also believed to feature a story mode, as well as a multiplayer mode containing a total of 25 maps. Warhawk 2 will also feature support for co-operative play and up to 32 players online. The sequel will contain military vehicles such as air-crafts, motorcycles and tanks.

What do you think of the rumored details? Which features do you hope are true?



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