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Samsung Connected TV: Smart Features vs. FUD

Samsung Connected TV’s is something that the Korean consumer Electronics maker believes will be big business over the next few months and years, but we have to wonder if these smart features will be met with FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt)? This is a challenge that the company will now have to handle, but we can be sure that they are more than up to the job.

When the flat screen TV first came to market things did not change much for years, some offered better sound and visual quality – but nothing else. However, we have seen things move up a gear over the past one to two years, firstly because of improvements to technology, and the second is making your TV experience more social and interactive.

It is the latter where Samsung has been working the hardest, a little like Sony and their Google TV integration. Samsung’s Smart TV is like a hub for a number of cool features, these include a Web Browser, Search All, Your Video, Samsung Apps and much more. Tomorrows TV looks to finally be here, we just hope that the user will embrace it.

Consumer Electronic companies know that the TV is the biggest market, and making theirs stand out against the rest is top of Sony’s, Samsung’s Panasonic’s, LG’s and other’s agenda, so coming up with new and unique features is imperative.

We also have to remember that there is 3D TV, but personally I still believe this to be a fad, but something like Samsung Smart TV is something that is here to stay and will improve as it evolves, but do you agree? For more details on these Samsung Smart TVs visit their official website.

Do you think that Samsung Smart TV will be met with fear, uncertainty and doubt?


  • Ernest Sagun

    hope to have a samsung smart tv…but i dont have the budget… : (

    • Ernest Sagun

      i wish to replace my old samsung slim tv…

  • Ernest Sagun

    i hope to get a samsung tv…but cannot afford it… : (


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