Product Recalls and Consumer Confidence

With our recent article on the product recalls roundup for March 2011 this morning, it makes you wonder how consumer confidence is? This is certainly a subject that gets peoples backs up, and our readers have been making their voices heard – can you really blame them?

It has been highlighted that manufacturers in the US and the UK are closely regulated, but that is not the case in other countries. Certain countries are now unregulated, and the reason for this is due to high demand for cheaper costs. This is good for the consumer in one way, but very bad in others.

We have seen over the past few years that product recalls have been increasing, and there does not seem any end in sight. We have to wonder what can be done, regulations need to be made stronger, but there will always be those who will try to bend those rules.

Would you be prepared to pay more for your products if it meant that recalls would reduce in numbers? We are sure that this is one question that will be tough to answer.



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