Lady Gaga, Most Popular Person on Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Mar 28, 2011

The internet phenomenon Twitter has become very popular to the stars since its arrival with a large portion of celebrity faces appearing on the site and attracting followers. Recent news from the BBC has confirmed that Lady Gaga has become the most followed celebrity on the site.

The singer overtook Britney Spears last August and now leaves Justin Bieber trailing in second place, which is quite an achievement considering Gaga has only been in the mainstream since her 2008 breakthrough album “The Fame” bringing us hits such as “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”.

Since then she has been all over the headlines, covering the charts and wowing the press with her very flamboyant costume designs. The 24-year-old has made a big name for herself and Twitter is continually being used by celebrities as a way for fans to keep in touch with their personal lives and also as a way for celebrities to keep in touch with their fans.

Twitter continues to be a huge success and rivals other internet social networking giants such as Facebook and Myspace. While Twitter seems to dominate the celebrity appeal, we wonder how long it will be until the next big networking site hits the net and creates a buzz like Facebook and Twitter have.

Which celebrities do you follow on Twitter?

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