Hyper Touch Guitar: Multi-touch screen, no strings instrument

The guitar has always been a leading feature in any rock band. There are all kinds of guitars from toy guitars, to games console controllers even the air guitar then the more professional acoustic or electric guitars that musicians would use.

Today’s news uncovers a new concept guitar called the Hyper Touch Guitar. It looks a lot like the type of guitar you would use when playing RockBand or Guitar Hero but is actually a touch screen guitar that has multitouch capability and no need for strings.

Using the touchscreen settings the user can adjust how many frets or strings the guitar needs. This would mean the concept guitar could be used as either a 6-string, 12-string or bass guitar. Three guitars for the price of one seems like a good deal to us.

It will also allow users to add sound effects and adjust the tuning. The Hyper Touch Guitar is designed by Givingshape Design Studio’s Max Battaglia and its black body is made from carbon fiber. It will also be available in other colors.

No word of whether the concept will ever make production or how much it would cost. More details can be found at YankoDesign where you will also see more pictures of the guitar. What do you think of it? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments below.


  • shredman

    someone on ultimate guitar said that it will be launched on the gibson stand at summer namm

  • Shayne

    Is it true that this is being developed for release by Gibson?


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