British Summer Time Causes Problems for iPhone Owners

By Gary Johnson - Mar 28, 2011

Recently many iPhone owners in the US had problems with their iPhone when they switched to daylight saving; now it is the turn for owners in the UK following the switch to British Summer Time. Many are reporting that their clocks did the usual jumping back one hour instead of forward.

Social networking site Twitter, has many owners complaining about the problem affecting them, and this problem seems to be happening every time the clocks change. When the clocks changed in my time zone, my Android handset was showing the correct time as soon as it booted up.

Owners of the iPhone are probably getting fed up with this bug happening all the time, and some must be thinking of using a different method to wake them up around clock change time. The problem is normally fixed by rebooting the handset, or by changing the time manually in settings.

The problem doesn’t always affect every owner’s iPhone, with a lot of people reporting that their handsets changed as they should. Use the comment below and tell us if your iPhone clock changed correctly.

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  • mushroom

    this is the second morning i've been woken an hour early.. not funny! my android-owning friend is now gloating..

  • Eastern

    Fake comments? You can't believe apple is not perfect, I guess :)))) that's so funny…

  • Pip

    Both alarms programmed into my iPhone went off an hour earlier this morning. Even though here in NZ we had no daylight savings changes. Not a happy camper getting woken up at 4.30am!

  • Gio

    Fake comments

  • Nick

    Same problem. Clock changed ok but first morning alarm didn't go off, this morning went off an hour early. V4.1. It's not rocket science Apple!

  • Guest

    mine was fine… Are you all Up-To-Date??

    I'm on Firmware Version 4.2.1

  • Aly

    rebooting doesn't work! I tried that. I had to erase alarm and set up a new one!

  • polly

    My iphone did the same. Changed the time automatically yesterday but alarm went off at 4.45am instead of 5.45am! There wasn't even an alarm programmed in it for 4.45am, annoying!!!!!! have rebooted phone and hope it works tomorrow as was late for work today and "iphone had a wobbly" sounds like a feeble excuse!

  • sonia

    My iPhone did changed to summertime automatically but my alarm went off this morning based on the old time. So although my alarm showed that it would go off at 6.30am it did in fact go off at 5.30am! Will definitely manually re-set the time and alarm before tomorrow morning.

    • Kaz

      Same happened to me this morning and have set the alarm periodically throughout the day to check it and the same happened. Read on another blog that if you change setting from weekdays to everyday that will go some way to solve the problem.So iv tried it and yes it worked. Only downside is now i have to remember to change alarm time on the weekend or i will be up early AGAIN!!