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British Summer Time Causes Problems for iPhone Owners

Recently many iPhone owners in the US had problems with their iPhone when they switched to daylight saving; now it is the turn for owners in the UK following the switch to British Summer Time. Many are reporting that their clocks did the usual jumping back one hour instead of forward.

Social networking site Twitter, has many owners complaining about the problem affecting them, and this problem seems to be happening every time the clocks change. When the clocks changed in my time zone, my Android handset was showing the correct time as soon as it booted up.

Owners of the iPhone are probably getting fed up with this bug happening all the time, and some must be thinking of using a different method to wake them up around clock change time. The problem is normally fixed by rebooting the handset, or by changing the time manually in settings.

The problem doesn’t always affect every owner’s iPhone, with a lot of people reporting that their handsets changed as they should. Use the comment below and tell us if your iPhone clock changed correctly.



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