Apple iPhones hit by alarm glitch, Time to Choose Android?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 28, 2011

The clocks moving forward an hour is a relatively simple concept for most people to adapt to, and does not usually impact too greatly on their working day, however for some people who own iPhones getting up for work this morning was not as easy as it should have been thanks to yet another alarm clock glitch.

In the UK this weekend the clocks went forward an hour, an article posted by the BBC tells us that some people’siPhone alarms failed to go off at the right time this morning, we noticed a massive reaction in Twitter and wonder if people are getting sick of the seemingly never-ending alarm-related iPhone problems.

The same problem was found in the U.S last November when the change was made from Daylight Savings Time. The implications of this are quite important, especially in the business world where time deadlines are important. If a mobile device can not handle simple methods of keeping and changing time, should we consider switching to Android?

The irony is, we call these mobile devices “smartphones” yet Apple‘s smartphones seem incapable of such a basic task, we heard no reports of Windows Phone 7 or Android-based smartphone being affected, so how come’s iOS always seems to have such issues.

Did your iPhone’s alarm failed to go off at the correct time this morning?

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  • popeyeuk

    This is so sad that seemingly intelligent people are discussing minor issues such as alarm problems on a phone. What a sad world this is turning into! if you rely on an alarm, have a back one just in case. If the battery was low and you charge it over night, then theres a power cut, doesn't matter what phone, the alarm won't work. Anyone who has a bit about them has a back up!

  • Cat

    I'm an loving fan of the Iphone 4 but unfortunately the Alarm failed to go off at the right time… in fact it was going off an hour earlier, waking me up at 5am instead of 6am (even though it stated 6am on the alarm setting). It wasn't until having putting up with it for two days that a colleague informed me of the glitches the Iphone 4.

  • manmeet

    people should buy an alarm clock, this is no bloody concern

  • Paul H

    I'm just a little confused… you say

    "people are getting sick of the seemingly never-ending alarm-related iPhone problems."

    I am aware of this issue appearing what… twice ??? in the iPhones long and distinguished history. Hardly qualifies as "seemingly never-ending alarm-related problems!" The issue was, as far as I'm aware sorted with an OS upgrade. My alarm certainly worked flawkessly during the switchover. Non-upgraded phones STILL having the same OLD glitch perhaps.

    This is appalling journalism and worthy of nothing more than deletion!

    • Jamie Pert

      I have had my BlackBerry for 18 months with no alarm issues, my partner has had her HTC Desire for 12 months with no alarm issues, yet my sister has had her iPhone 4 for 9 months and the alarm has failed her twice. I admit that the “seemingly never-ending” statement might be a bit overkill, however when you spend that much on a high-end smartphone you expect simple functionality to work flawlessly, if there is a known bug why can’t Apple make this public?

  • Game84

    Jamie Pert, u should buy an iPhone first before u write an article about iPhone. Apple and iPhone haters like u can never understand why people buy Apple products because they never tried any.
    My iPhone ha never had any issues with the daylight savings. Strange, isn't it?
    Some people like to talk b……t without telling anything. I suggest u to borrow an iPhone (if u don't wanna buy) and compare with your Android. U might be surprised.

    P.s. it's also funny that people who can't afford to buy an Apple product, call others 'fanbois' . To be honest it doesn't matter what computer or phone u have as long as u are happy with it.

    • Inchy

      Most high end Android handsets cost about the same as an iPhone (£500), so don't be fooled into thinking you're part of some uber-cool millionaires club.

      Just accept that your beloved iPhone isn't perfect and others CHOOSE to buy, in my opinion, a superior product: Android.

  • Thorne88

    Who cares. It's called an alarm clock. And edgy would you dump a iPhone?

  • simpo

    me too no problem. just set the alarm!

  • mim

    My iPhone moved forward with no problem whatsoever

  • cheg

    Whilst there is no excuse for this daylight saving error. You fail to highlight that all platforms have had issues. Windows mobile actually bricking Samsung phones and Android with Malware within apps. Both of these being more of a concern in my opinion than the time being out a little.

    • Jamie Pert

      Yes all devices have faults, but this article is talking about major alarm clock faults