Super Monkey Ball 3D: Review Round-Up Shows Mixed Opinions

By Tina Chubb - Mar 27, 2011

The much-anticipated Nintendo 3Ds finally made its way into stores across the world recently, and that of course means that we’re starting to see the first reviews coming in. However, the reviews aren’t just about the portable gaming system itself, but also about the games that are available.

One of the games in question is Super Monkey Ball 3D, which appears to have been getting a few mixed opinions from the critics. For example, David Jenkins over at gave the game a rather disappointing 4/10. David notes that although the graphics and the 3D are good, the game is unfortunately too easy.

David also claims that what used to be a platform puzzler has now been changed into a dull maze-style racer. Audrey Drake from on the other hand gave the Super Monkey Ball 3D game an overall score of 7.5/10. However, Audrey did state that the game could have been a little longer.

As Audrey notes, the graphics may not be the best, but they fit the game well. The final review we looked at is from Chris Schilling over at Chris, who also gave Super Monkey Ball 3D a rather low score of 4/10, was another reviewer that pointed out how short the length of the game was.

Chris went on to say that the hazards that players encounter are more minor frustrations than anything else, and the unavoidable sticky patches are more of a hindrance than a challenge. You can read what else the reviewers had to say about the game via the links above.

Have you played the Super Monkey Ball 3D game yet? If so, what are your first impressions?

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  • Brad

    Monkey ball 3D is the only game I got at launch, and it is AMAZING! The graphics are gorgeous, and the framerate is silky smooth 60fps, even with the 3D on (unlike other launch games). The 3D really works, and everyone I've shown it to is very impressed. It actually adds a lot to the game, which I wasn't expecting. It's addicting, and there's a ton of replay value. It also uses the motion controls very well, but 3D has to be turned off for it. The other two modes are kind of lame, but the core 80 levels are pure monkey ball puzzle maze goodness! Overall, I'd rate it 8/10