iPad 2 problems cause returns, replacements repeat issues

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2011

Following on from our earlier post about the Apple iPad 2 problems with backlight bleeding, we have been informed of numerous problems with the second-generation iPad. The main issues seem to be intermittent WiFi connection problems, and bleeding from the backlight, which can be in a few places around the edge of the screen.

We’ve heard from a few readers on the above issues, and the official Apple discussion forums (found here) are plagued with users reporting issues with the iPad 2. One guy said that he had taken the iPad 2 back “4 times already”, and that each replacement he was given, had the same backlight issue.

We can confirm from earlier testing that not all iPad 2’s are affected, but looking at reports so far, this is a big problem causing upset for a lot of buyers. We expect Apple to issue some sort of announcement soon, which would also be a good move on their part.

Apple reps have confirmed they’re aware of the black light bleed problem, and we wait to see if the issue is limited to a certain batch of iPad 2’s. Have you had your iPad 2 replaced? On a positive note, Apple have not caused any problems that we’re aware of when users wanted a replacement, it was done right away, although that has been dependant on stocks. You can see a video below showing the bleeding issue.

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  • lazer_knight

    I have just taken my ipad 2 32gb white back for screen bleeding on both left and right sides, Also the face time cam freezing up. I also have a strange problem when i connected my ipad to my win 7 pc it was showing up as 25gb free of 54.8gb in my computer. the ipad is only a 32gb model.
    The guy in the apple store seem very puzzled with that last fault.

  • Orlando

    I have had my IPad 2 replaced once so far. The apple representative who served me was very helpful and went through 2 iPads both of which suffered the same backlight problem. He then told me to come back within 5 days if the problem hadn't resolved itself.

    I might ask for a refund if the problem persists and just buy the iPad 2 again when the problems fixed