iPad 2 Backlight Bleed: Hands-on with Bleeding Problems

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2011

The UK has had the iPad 2 for a few hours now and following earlier issues in the United States, some UK users are starting to find problems with Apple’s 2nd generation tablet, and this includes our hands-on unit. On this page you can see a couple of photos showing the issue that seems to be bigger than it first looks.

Apple’s iPad 2 backlight has a bleed, the light is bleeding in a few places, as you can see in the photo we took, and this showed while playing a couple of games and during movie playback. The light bleeding only happens when the iPad 2 screen is black.

If you adjust your brightness level on the new iPad, by lowering it, then you will reduce the bleeding. We tried a second iPad 2 model (a while version) in the office, and that fine. We’ve had feedback from other buyers and it seems that this is a big issue affecting thousands of people, you can see if your model is affected by going to a dark screen and looking around the edges.

The question for iPad 2 owners with backlight bleeding is what to do next? The best advice is to go and take your iPad 2 back to the store you bought it from, and they should issue you with a replacement. Some rumors point to the glue needing to dry, but we do not buy that. It’s likely that many iPad 2 owners will keep their device even with the problem, rather than having the hassle to get a replacement. Is this you?

Is your iPad 2 backlight bleeding?

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  • fred

    I think my iPad is trying to donate blood its bleeding so much.

  • Antonio

    Hello everyone

    I am Italian, and also the ipad arrived here have the same issue
    I purchased yesterday my ipad 2, and this morning I brought it in the store.
    For € 700, I demand a perfect product!

  • Madwurmz

    Got it too.. Bought a 32gb white wifionly yesterday in the netherlands,reading some comments here i think i might bring it back tomorrow too

  • K.london

    I got my iPad 2 at launch and it had severe bleeding and when i say severe i mean it. I got a replacement today but it still had bleeding. I'm going to keep on exchanging until i get a perfect one. I payed £479+ for that gadget and I want it perfect. I got it from London by the way. Does it matter where you get it from?? There all assembled in the same country… 🙂

  • Anne

    German IPad 2 with a lot of bleeding here. This is defenetly not the Mercedes unter the tablets that I supposed

  • Sharon

    Got my iPad 2 on launch day queued for over 4 hours for it got it home to find it had a stuck pixel took it back they gave me a replacement. Got it home started to watch a movie on it and noticed the light bleed 🙁 not happy !
    Went to the Apple store today and they have no more in stock told me to bring the iPad back when they had stock. He also said they weren't aware of any light bleeding issues lol I got mine from Brighton, UK.

  • alien_

    Yep, has the bleeding on the one bought in Norwich, UK.

  • Domenico

    Yes. My iPad is Bleeding too!
    I'm from Italy. :-S

  • zippy

    I suspect light bleed is a common problem with lcd screens.
    My 20 inch Cinema Display has minor edge light bleed. I took it back to the store for inspection and they said it was a common issue and not bad really. It is not an issue unless you are looking at very dark images, and how often do you do that?

  • Stephen

    Just got back from returning my iPad 2.. Although not as bad as this, it did have backlight bleeding in various spots.. I didn't even plug the thing in. .just powered it up to the plug-in to itunes screen and noticed the bleeding. No way am I getting into exchange hassles. I want one badly, but this appears to be an epidemic.

  • ipadbuyer

    happened to me, replace two ipads.. and finally asked for a refund. Will wait a bit before buying it. I want a perfect screen.

  • zeb

    Got my ipad 2 at launch yesterday, got home and noticed the bleed immediately, took it back to apple store and luckily got a replacement but when i got home it also has the bleed but not anywhere as bad as on the other one. Thinking of taking it back in a month or so once apple have fixed the pronlem.