iPad 2 Backlight Bleed: Hands-on with Bleeding Problems

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2011

The UK has had the iPad 2 for a few hours now and following earlier issues in the United States, some UK users are starting to find problems with Apple’s 2nd generation tablet, and this includes our hands-on unit. On this page you can see a couple of photos showing the issue that seems to be bigger than it first looks.

Apple’s iPad 2 backlight has a bleed, the light is bleeding in a few places, as you can see in the photo we took, and this showed while playing a couple of games and during movie playback. The light bleeding only happens when the iPad 2 screen is black.

If you adjust your brightness level on the new iPad, by lowering it, then you will reduce the bleeding. We tried a second iPad 2 model (a while version) in the office, and that fine. We’ve had feedback from other buyers and it seems that this is a big issue affecting thousands of people, you can see if your model is affected by going to a dark screen and looking around the edges.

The question for iPad 2 owners with backlight bleeding is what to do next? The best advice is to go and take your iPad 2 back to the store you bought it from, and they should issue you with a replacement. Some rumors point to the glue needing to dry, but we do not buy that. It’s likely that many iPad 2 owners will keep their device even with the problem, rather than having the hassle to get a replacement. Is this you?

Is your iPad 2 backlight bleeding?

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