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iOS 4.3.1 release arrives: Bug fixes and iPod Touch issues addressed

For those of you that own an Apple device, you will have been running the latest iOS 4.3. This update has caused a lot of problems for a lot of people since it was released. Most of the problems we have already brought to your attention in other news.

One of the problems that were being experienced is a graphics issue that was affecting the 4th generation iPod. If you are one of the people who have been experiencing these problems, then we have some exciting new for you.

Apple has just released the iOS 4.3.1 update which is designed to resolve most of the issues that have been reported. Things like cellular network connection bugs are to be fixed, also AV-Out and enterprise apps issues.

It will be available across all Apple devices and can be downloaded at iTunes. A full list of details about what the fix will feature can be found at TUAW by clicking the link.

Have you been experiencing any problems? Which problems have affected you? You can let us know if the update has successfully fixed your problems in the comments below. Are there any issues that have not yet been addressed?


  • Tom Morgan

    They finally sorted it out! My poor 3GS has been slow, unresponsive and generally useless since 4.3. Now its fast, snappy at opening things and battery life seems to be better again. THANK YOU!!!

  • Alvaro

    Finally, even though everything was working smoothly on my iPhone except for the album covers hope this fixes that .


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