Importance of iPhone 5 edge-to-edge screen in 2011

By Chris Cook - Mar 26, 2011

The advancing technology amongst gadgets such as Apple devices, laptops and TVs means consumers are able to get a lot of power and high-tech specs at their disposal. Many of these devices are forever expanding their screens also to maximize user experience.

But does a device need to be made bigger in order to have a larger screen? Not necessarily it seems with edge-to-edge screens becoming more popular. The technology for these screens has been available for years but it seems only now the next gen products are replacing current screens with these.

Rumors are already spiraling about the iPhone 5 and how it may feature an edge-to-edge screen. This would mean users will be getting a similar sized device only with a larger display. Other examples of devices that feature the screens are Apple’s MacBook Pro and some LG HDTVs. What we at Product Reviews want to find out is does the size of a screen matter that much to you when choosing a device?

When it comes to screens we personally feel that there is no need for a border as it just adds unnecessary size to a device or takes up room that could be otherwise used for more screen. It also seems silly to manufacture a device and waste material on a border when there is no need.

What do you think of edge-to-edge screens? How important is having an edge-to-edge screen on your device? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • scott

    having moved from an iphone 3GS to a HTC desire HD i can say without doubt that the larger screen does make many phone related activities easier and better. the small incremental increase in screen real estate especially comes into its own with games and video. for instance, angry birds, when zoomed out to see the whole level setup with the catapult and targets in view the larger screen helps for those of us with not so perfect vision. based on this, i believe a screen size increase would be highly beneficial, particularly when you look at the large screen phone competitors on the market today.

  • pittan

    i dont understand why not. Is it that difficult?

  • Will

    Edge to edge makes a lot of sense for the next iphone. The iphone4 is a wonderful product but after using it for a while you realize, it would be nicer to have a larger screen. 3.5" is just a bit too small despite the amazing pixel density. If they could cram a retina display into 4.3" that would be just about ideal for a phone. Looking at an EVO4G boot up for the first time was a "wow" experience…the size of the screen was really impressive but after getting over that and once you start to scrutinize the text clarity (or lack thereof) when zoomed out on a webpage, it just didn't cut it.