Facebook Dislike Button: Most Wanted In 2011

By Jamie Pert - Mar 26, 2011

Recently Facebook added “Questions” to their impressive list of features for the popular social networking website, today we thought we would look at other features which could be added, it seems to us as though a dislike button is what people really want.

Over 3 million people have “Liked” the “Dislike Button” Facebook page, you can show your support for the new feature by liking this page, also you can read what people have to say on the matter in the page’s discussions section.

Lots of people do not like the Facebook like button as people quite often “like” what they don’t really like, if you check out Kate Drewett’s article on TheDrum.co.uk she points out that roughly 20,000 people liked a post from Facebook which announced an interruption to the chat service, surely 20k people didn’t like the announcement, instead they “Liked” it to spread the word.

To us the word like is misleading when you take into account how Facebook use it, obviously there are some things which you like, some things you dislike and some things you want to share, at the moment no matter how you feel about a status update, photo, video or link you have to “like” it to share it, surely it is about time this changed.

Obviously Facebook’s designers do not want to make things to complicated and want to keep the site’s relatively minimalistic design, surely a drop-down menu with the options “Like”, “Dislike” or “Share” would not affect the site’s design to dramatically.

We would love to hear how you feel about the dislike button, should it be added? Is it unnecessary? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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  • Shirsky

    For everyone who can't wait for Facebook to roll out their own Dislike button (which will probably never happen) there are plenty of alternatives (installed as browser plugins) – i.e. http://di.slik.es (works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox)

  • jesus fuckin christ

    hope they do bring it out just sob you dont have to cment to send your opaining across