US Delays Affect UK iPad 2 Sales and Shipping – Consumer Outrage?

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2011

We have a feeling that there is going to be some criticism aimed in Apple’s direction, hours after the iPad 2 officially went on sale in the UK and other countries outside the US. Delays in the US seemed to have crippled stock levels in the UK, as all new purchases have been met with a one month waiting list.

We’re not lying either, we ordered the iPad 2 as soon as it became available on the UK Apple store, and after having purchased it on March 25th, a confirmed purchase email stated that the estimated shipping time was now April 25th – a whole month later.

This is obviously a bit frustrating for buyers who were thinking that they would get their new iPad 2 at the start of next week, or two weeks at the very latest – but a whole month is a bit hard to take. It also means that Apple hasn’t really put much effort into allocating stock for consumers who want to buy outside of the US, which does seem to suggest that a bit of favoritism is going on.

While it’s obviously happy days for US consumers who have already managed to get one, this is a frustrating time for UK owners. If you have just purchased an iPad 2 online from Apple, let us know your thoughts on the delayed shipping times. Were you expecting to get it sooner or did you expect delays for one of the hottest gadgets on the market.

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  • Terri

    I am in the U.S. and ordered an iPad2 online from the Apple store on March 19 along with a cover and camera adapter. I was told at that time the wait would be 4 – 5 weeks for the iPad, but did get the other two items within a few days. It's been 11 days and no indication yet that the iPad will be shipping early. I don't think Apple is playing favorites, I think they are very backlogged and the fact that some of the parts are manufactured in Japan doesn't help.

  • Sunny B

    Ordered mine from Comet store on launch day, they didn't have the one I wanted (White 16GB 3G) but placed an order on the day for a store collection for 3 working days later on the Tuesday 29 March – as advised by the Customer Service guy.

    I paid, and was sceptical it would come within 3 working days….but with a pleasant surprise Comet were true to their word and I picked my lovely iPad 2 up yesterday……well done Comet. Service was good and honest. Glad I didn't waste time online or queuing up at Apple.

  • Dave – london

    Same thing here … oreder on release day … i got April 26th as delivery! True that a month wont hurt, and actually – could still be quick er than trying to get the exact model i want from the stores – but in an age where you can order from Amazon at 3pm one day and get it at 8am the next (which actually happened to me!) – 4 weeks is madness. Even when i ordered a power pack from apple on line, it was 2 weeks delivery – its just not good enough – the days of postal "please allow 28 days for delivery" are supposed to be history – maybe not with apple!

  • Couls

    I had a feeling it'd be 4-5 weeks i'm afraid but that's ok. I've managed to live for 36 years so far without one so another month won't hurt.

    A bloke i know ordered the original iPad just after it launched and was given a 4 week delivery date but in the end it was more like 2 weeks so fingers crossed we'll all get them sooner than we think.

  • Pete

    Placed an online order with PC World at 17:40 and got a confirmation email to say I'll take delivery within 3-5 business day so I'm glad I didn't order direct from Apple this morning as 3-4 weeks is just a joke!

  • Shankar

    I'm from the US and I ordered my iPad at 7:30 am on March 11 (launch day here). It gave me a shipping date of April 1, however, I received confirmation from Apple yesterday, March 24, that my product had shipped. This was obviously surprising news. So for you UK customers, although April 25th is a ways off, I wouldn't be too worried. My guess is that they'll ship your iPads sooner than that date (maybe 2 weeks from now rather than 4). There's always hope 🙂

  • Tom

    Apple does this every time. Why can't they take pre-orders a few months early, so they know how many they need. Then get Foxcon to manufacture enough to meet demand >_>

  • Darren Yates

    It was stated on the iPad page at the Apple Store that dispatch estimates were 2-3 weeks, so a 4 week delivery estimate is maybe them playing safe.

    I'm taking a chance and aiming to pick one up in a local store, but from my trawling of the Web all indications are that I'm not going to be able to do that until 5pm. This is the official launch time, apparently this will allow for the stock to actually be in store across the Apple stores and their partners.

    However other sources indicate that partner stores already have stock and with enough pressure from customers in store they may begin selling early. Otherwise they'd be forced to cram a whole day of sales in to an hour or two or open late.

    And I'm not going to tell Apple I got my new toy a few hours early if they don't. 🙂

  • dave

    not happy

  • Oliver

    just purchased an iPad 2 online from the uk apple store. I'm very disappointed .. Why does it say 2-3 weeks if its going to be delivered on the 25th of april ?? 🙁 this sucks.

  • Craig

    I ordered mine at 1231am exactly .. and i still got the date of 25th April . I am so disappointed, this is not good .